Have a confidant

Leading can be lonely. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the very top of your organisation, on the first rung of the leadership ladder, or just trying really hard to make a powerful difference from within the ranks. 

Leadership is about sticking your neck out, challenging the status quo or the groupthink, taking a little more than your share of the blame and a little less than your share of the credit… All of these things take effort and energy. They all require you to set yourself apart a little. 

It’s vital, therefore, that you have someone to turn to. In those moments where it all gets a bit much and you’re just weary of it all. To sense-check your thinking when the balance of pros and cons is complex. To offer understanding and comfort. Or a kick up the backside. 

If you can find someone who will always be on your side, even when they see things differently, who looks at the organisation the way you do, who knows and trusts you and who you would share anything with in the knowledge that they would treat it carefully… you’ll have a powerful thing. 

Find yourself a confidant. Be one for someone else. It will help your soul. And your impact. 

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