Ask better questions

Do you ever find yourself asking things like…

“Why won’t they just send me the information in the way that I need it?”

“When will John realise that he’s taking this in the wrong direction?”

“Who is supposed to deal with this?”

These sorts of questions reinforce a notion that we’re powerless in the face of our difficulties. We’re waiting for someone else to do something differently or behave differently or step in and solve the problem. They all say “It’s someone else’s fault!”

In his brilliant book: QBQ – The Question Behind the Question; John Miller says this…


By this he means… When you find yourself asking questions like those above… When you find yourself shifting blame away from you… Refocus your mindset by asking the question behind the question (or QBQ). Which is essentially always:

What can *I* do to make the situation better?

You can only ever truly control your own actions. Waiting for others to do things differently before you move on, means you’re giving up ownership and accountability for making progress and setting yourself up as a victim of circumstance.

Better to let go of what you can’t control and instead shift something that IS in your power.

Your mindset will be better and you’ll likely make a positive difference in the process.

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